Pithora Tribal Art of Chattisgarh

The craft of tribal paintings in the interiors of Chattisgarh originates from the tradition of creating patterns and designs, both votive and decorative, on floors and walls, as well as in courtyards, to mark occasions - auspicious, religious and celebratory - and cyclical events - both in human life, and the seasonal calendar. As important as the ritualistic aspect of this art is its decorative charm - the mud-plastered or lime-washed homes of the tribals in the interiors of Madhya Pradesh are creatively ornamented with bas relief detailing or with paintings in natural and earthy colours. The red, yellow, black, white and ochre create a striking palette of colours against the mud-brown or lime-white of walls and floors that serve as the canvas. A tribal dwelling with no such relief or painted decoration is unusual; this art is among the core elements in the way of life in these heartland regions.

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