Sheet Metal Craft / Thattar Ka Kaam Of Kullu, Himachal Pradesh

Sheet Metal Craft / Thattar Ka Kaam Of Kullu, Himachal Pradesh

Sheet metal crafts in Kullu create products for the ritual requirements of the huge number of Hindu temples in the area. The temple products crafted include sheet metal objects of silver like the wind instruments, the Karnal; the S-shaped trumpet, the Narsingha; the mohra, the sheet metal masks depicting the deities; chattries, the auspicious umbrellas used to shield as a cover for the deities and other ritual objects. For secular purposes a wide range of sheet metal products of brass and silver are crafted including utensils and musical instruments for home-based temples. The technique used is by shaping the metal sheets by the process of die-transfer, then die-pressing or beating to obtain the desired shape. The object is then heated in a coal-fired kild to soften it and grant it luster. The figurative details are carved on and the object given a high polish with lemon leaves. The tools used are basic - hammer, chisels, files, punches and tongs.

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