Jewelry of Delhi

The precious-jewelry craft of Delhi received great patronage from the royalty in the past with the result that it became well established in the city. The demand for fine jewelry still continues, and has sustained the craft. Apart from jewelry made with gold and precious stones, a vast quantity of silver and costume jewelry is also made in Delhi. Delhi is also an important crafts centre for minakari jewelry. Minakari or enameling is an elaborate technique combining gold-smithy, gem-setting, painting, and engraving, as well as the use of various colours. Minakars are highly skilled jewelrs, with their skill having been handed down through the centuries. Precious stones are set into gold etchings of birds, flowers, and fish. The vibrant enamel colors are filled in painstakingly as in a miniature painting. Heat is applied to enhance the richness of the colours. The end result is a wonderful interplay of brilliant colors and designs. Silver ware is also made in Dariba in ChandniChowk. Household utensils in all forms and designs, plain as well as ornamental are available here.

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