Pictorial Laminated Wood Craft of Kerala

The technique of combining pieces of different woods with their grains and colours are creatively utilized to achieve patterns or pictorial compositions as wall hangings, panels and display. Other wall displays include Kathakali masks, Candle stands, Key stands, Boxes etc. Production centers are in Maradu in Ernakulam district and Thalayokaparambu in Koftayam district.

 This craft technique involves the gluing of layers of wood together so as to create specific forms and structures. During the last decade several decorative forms of laminated constructions have been put into practice; these include the traditional blocking technique, the segmented ring method, the band saw method and the mitred laminate design. Increased ornamentation is achieved through the introduction of brass work on laminated wood. In the inlay technique, the surface of the wood is prepared and a variety of colored materials are shaped and set into precisely contoured matching cavities in order to create an illusion. The inset material could be variously colored woods, ivory that is now banned, plastic or bone , each chosen with care to enhance the illustration.

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