Wig Making Craft of Baniban Jagdishpur, West Bengal

40 kilometers out of Kolkata in a small village, Baniban Jagdishpur of Howra district one will find the most exquisite wig-makers. Each wig is created over three days, starting from the procurement of wooden block in the shape of the head. Nylon net is nailed to this block and one by one strands of human hair are woven into the net. The edges are clipped, and hair spray a red-hot tongs give it the finishing touch by producing the ordered curls. The village as a community produces around 500 wings each month which are sent across the country. While an average worker earns Rs. 60 a day, a skilled craftsperson can earn twice that amount. This small-scale industry like various others is under the tight hold of the middlemen. Due to this and the lack of demand are causing the craft to dwindle and many of the youngsters are opting for other professions.

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