Polo Balls of Deulpur, West Bengal

Deulpur is the only place in the world to supply wooden polo balls to faraway nations of the world. Earlier it was common for them to produce 300,000 polo balls a year of which two third were exported. However, now the market has been taken over by the new plastic polo balls. This change in trend has greatly affected the business of these polo balls. Hence the market has shrunk from the international one to the local one. Deulpur was famous for crafting polo balls out of its dense bamboo groves, as the region has the bamboo roots of the right weight for polo balls which between 100 and 150 grams. To make the polo balls the bamboo root is cut to specific measurement and then chiseled into a ball. This is then filed and then smoothened with sandpaper. The minute gaps are filled with very fine wooden shavings and wax. A homemade white chalk paint is used to pain the ball and the ball is kept in sunlight to dry for two days. These are then finished with some enamel paint. This traditional method is still followed to make polo balls in Deulpur.

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