Lepcha Weaving of Sikkim

Lepcha Weaving of Sikkim

Sikkim is the home of three distinct races --- the Lepchas, the Bhutias, who are immigrants from Bhutan, and the Tsongs, who are from Nepal. The three races coexist and the muted harmonious colours of the Lepchas can be seen along with the gay silks of the Bhutias and the heavy ornaments of the Tsongs. Lepcha-weaving is native to Sikkim. The cloth woven by the women on back-strap loin- looms is traditionally used for women's coat material and is small in width. The base of the material is prepared with cotton yarn and the main body is woven with woollen yarn using different coloured yarns as required by the design of the coat. The length of the coat material is 3.5 m. and the breadth is kept at 55 cm. The weaving is very tight and the Sikkimese are proud of it. They use this in their costumes and are now using it to make shoulder bags and other accessories.

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