Jewellery of Meghalaya

Jewellery of Meghalaya

Gold is commonly used by the tribes to make jewellery. The khasis and jaintias are fond of jewellery, and the women are specially partial to gold and coral bead necklaces. A string of thick red coral beads worn by them during festive occasions is called the paila. The jewellery of the khasis and jaintias is alike and the pendant they wear, called kynjri ksiar, is made of 24-carat gold. Exquisitely crafted ornaments of gold and silver and gilt beads form part of Meghalaya's rich dancing costumes. The gold beads are not solid but the hollow sphere is filled with lac. Many of these ornaments as well as the head gear is decorated with diamond- like crystals of metal. Amulets, bracelets, necklaces, and anklets are manufactured locally. The Garo ladies wear a necklace called the Rigitok which consists of thin fluted stems of glass strung with fine thread.

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