Wood Carving of Arunachal Pradesh

Wood besides cane and bamboo can be found in abundance in the forests of Arunachal Pradesh. Houses are often made of bamboo and wood together, the men of the community joining in to help make a house for a single family. Among the Wancho tribe, wood-carving was very closely associated with head hunting and the human head is the dominant pattern. Tobacco pipes with the bowl carved in the shape of a head, drinking mugs with warriors carrying heads, and human figures carved with remarkable realism and power are a common sight. Wood-carving also has a votive or ceremonial significance among some of the other tribes of the area. The Monpas make wooden images and figures of Lord Buddha, wooden masks, and painted wood vessels. In the Kampti area artisans make beautiful religious images and figures of dancers. In Kameng, cups, dishes, and bowls are made, and magnificent masks are carved for use in ceremonial dances. The Khambas and Membas of Northern Siang also carve wooden masks. Some tribes make toys for children.

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