Textiles of Laos

Textiles of Laos


“Oh my dear heart! How ardent is my wish to have you weave on the landing of my stairs. How I wish to have you to weave silk at the foot of the loom, Having you weave an ikat sinh, and feed silk worms at my house.

O, My dear young man! Going with you I dare not Because I don’t know how to weave “khid” pattern fabrics for you to sell, I cannot weave horse blankets for you to sit on As you ride on your trade expeditions

- A Traditional Courtship Song, Legends in the Weaving

“Most of the cloth woven in Laos is for personal use rather than commercial gain. Women weave their lives, hopes and aspirations into textiles. Dreams of a good husband, many children, fertile fields, and protection from harm and ill fortune are all reflected in their cloths. To weave powerful motifs on to a cloth is a reflection of the weaver’s belief that these motifs will do more than merely decorate the cloth, writes Mary Connors in Lao Textiles and Traditions.

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