Cire- Perdue / Lost Wax Metal Casting - Houshold Items & Utensils

Cire- Perdue / Lost Wax Metal Casting - Houshold Items & Utensils

For generations, Nepali craftsmen have been making beautiful metal objects - ranging from ornate religious statues and temple decorations, to household vessels, pitchers, cups, and bowls - using the lost wax method. The focus of documentation has traditionally been on the unique bronze statues and there is comparatively little information on the production of simple domestic brass and bronze cast items used in everyday life created using the lost wax method.

Household metal utensils like karuwa (water pot with spout), ankhora (water pot, bowls), kasaundi (rice cooking pot), surahi (wine jars), etc. are made by the casting process. They are mainly cast in bronze. The decorated ankhoras and karuwas are unique and the Karuwas of Palpa and Bhojpur districts are famous for their skill in decorating them.

Faced with stiff competition from inexpensive, machine-made products, many of the craftsmen over the past few decades have switched to other professions and families that had once passed on these skills to their children have stopped doing so. Thus, the tradition of making these household products by hand is gradually fading away. Though hope lies in the fact that, if it can be afforded, most Nepalese prefer using bronze utensils - believed to be better for a health. Bronze maintains the temperature of the food kept in it, does not leave the taste of the metal in one's mouth, and is durable and long lasting. It also fetches a reasonable price when re-sold.

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