Galaincha - Woollen Knotted Pile Carpets

Galaincha - Woollen Knotted Pile Carpets

Knotted, woollen pile carpets have probably been produced in the most northern areas of Nepal for centuries. It is believed that the tradition was introduced from Tibet where it was an ancient craft - under the King Song-tsen Gompa (AD 620-49) It is believed that if the Tibetans were producing such carpets at that time, it is conceivable that the practice was taken up in areas that are now part of Nepal although this proposition remains speculative. A saddle-carpet appearing in a Nepalese mandala painting of 1564 demonstrates that they were certainly known in Nepal over 400 years ago. The people of northern Nepal today use the carpets mainly as seat-pads, beds, and saddle-blankets. They may occasionally also be used as door curtains and pillar wraps.

Much more substantial production of carpets has occurred since. The equipment needed to establish such an enterprise was relatively cheap to make and operate, and this also enabled many individual home weavers, Tibetan immigrants, and Nepalis of various ethnic groups, to start working for a contractor or a small family business.

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