Gold Plating & Gilding

Gold Plating & Gilding

In the early morning light the first rays of the sun strike and illuminate the gilded temples of Nepal. The skilled craft of gilding dates back more than a thousand years - ancient temples bear evidence to this. The gilded figures of Acharya Bandhu Dutta, King Narendra Deva, and the former Ratham Chakra of Lalitpur - all kept preserved in the temple of Sri Machhindra Nath - are more than a thousand years old, according to a Vamshavali chronicle. The craft of gilding is still practised and metal icons of the gods and goddesses continue to be embellished with gold.

Gilding can be done on silver, copper, and high grade brass (80 per cent copper and 20 per cent zinc, as this proportion results in a gold coating that is long lasting, while gold coating is easily destroyed on a surface of copper mixed with lead).

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