Jewellery of Nepal

Jewellery of Nepal

Nepal's jewellery astounds in its stylistic variety and is a reflection not only of its geographical terrain but also of its ethnic, and cultural diversity. In Nepal as in other traditional societies jewellery not only identifies the economic status of the wearer but also their religion, caste and tribe - it can often pinpoint the wearer's place of residence.

Like in the rest of South Asia, wearing jewellery is considered auspicious and most Nepalese women will not be seen without it. Nepalese women believe that jewellery is ramro, meaning beautiful, good: by wearing jewellery, one promotes goodness - attracting goodness to oneself and bestowing it on others. When a woman wears her finest jewellery on a ceremonial occasion she honours the divine in the universe and the divine in specific persons - husbands in particular but others as well.

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