Ritual Masks of Papier Mache

Ritual Masks of Papier Mache

Brightly painted ritual masks worn during religious ceremonies and processions in Nepal are made of perishable materials such as papier mache and wood, plastered with clay and linen. The art of making these masks is alive and alive and vibrant; age-old tradition dictates the use of new masks for religious processions and ceremonies and the ritual destruction of masks that have already been put to use. Masks have played an important role in the observation of social and religious traditions in Nepal - and the part they play is both symbolic and self-explanatory to the worshipper and the spectator.

In Nepal, masks are used almost exclusively in religious processions and functions; unlike in other parts of the world they are not used as part of theatrical and commercial performances. In the last few decades the crafting of these ritual masks has received a huge boost and their marketing has been greatly commercialised due to the interest evinced in them by the tourists and the export market.

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