Tharu Sikki - Golden Grass Products

Tharu Sikki - Golden Grass Products

The intricately patterned, coiled grass tharu baskets are made of sikki, the 'golden grass' found growing in the wet and marshy area. Traditionally - and till today - sikki grass products are made by the women of the Maithil household especially brides-to-be and are taken to their husbands' home(s) after marriage as part of their dowry. Made in a wide variety of shapes( elephants, leaves, fish, and religious icons). these are used to carry sweets and fruit to festival gatherings, to bring gifts to a bride, and to provide storage. Some are decorated at the rim with a net-like border incorporating jingling shells and seeds. The baskets are made in the coiling method. The designs, which are stitched over the basic shape with dyed grass, include diamonds, triangles, flowers, fish, bird, and elephant motifs.

They also make strong reed baskets with bold geometrical designs that are used for carrying purchases from the bazaar or for storage in the household.

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