Dolls & Soft Toys

Dolls & Soft Toys

Doll-making - popular the world over - is a non-traditional craft that has acquired attention as part of the Sri Lankan government's attempts of finding new avenues of employment for the unemployed. Dominantly decorative, the craft uses common materials, especially textiles and handloom products, aiming to transform these into artistic and marketable wares that create income-generation opportunities. As more and more toys of Western origin - and also from South-east Asia - make their way into Sri Lanka, there has been a spurt of interest in this as a possible craft-option. The soft toys made in contemporary times follow Western toy-making trends and educational aims. This craft is practised mainly by women. Sri Lankan women are well-known for their stitching, knitting, and dress-making skills and so the prospects for this craft are very bright.

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