We have expanded our scope to include documentation on craft traditions in the larger South Asian region, a decision influenced by the constant realization that cultural heritage and tradition in South Asia transcend contemporary political boundaries. We hope to create a context that encompasses the larger geographic and cultural region of which we are a part. This has been undertaken in collaboration with UNESCO, which has provided funding and support.

The countries included under the grouping 'South Asia' are Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka contain a multi-layered collage of traditions and cultures. The Craft Revival Trust documentation concentrates on a particular aspect of this tradition, that is, the crafts and textiles within each entity. We have attempted as exhaustive a survey as was possible for us; however the information is far from 'complete' or 'comprehensive'.

We hope to continuously add to the documentation, thus increasing the information base, and enhancing the depth and relevance of the site. Do email in your feedback.

The research for the documentation on Bangladesh was done by Gulshan Nanda of the Craft Revival Trust who traveled to Bangladesh and also sourced a large range of secondary material.

Craft Revival Trust would like to express its gratitude to the many individuals and institutions that helped us during our research. Special thanks are due:

  • Ms. Ruby Ghuznavi - President, National Crafts Council of Bangladesh, Dhaka, for providing us with information on the crafts of Bangladesh and giving us permission to reproduce their photographs.
  • Gurusaday Museum, Kolkota

  • Ms. Srimati Saha - Director, Kumdini Welfare Trust of Bengal (BD) Ltd.

  • Dr. Parveen Ahmad - Advisor; Mrs. Zareena Sayeed - Chairperson, Karika, Bengladesh Samabaya Federation Ltd.

  • Mr. Sahid Hussain Shamim, Probartena Limited

  • Professor Masuda M Rashid Choudhry - Acting Chairman, Bangla Craft

  • Dr.Meghana Guha Thakurta - Executive Director, Research Institute of Bangladesh

  • Ms Syeda Sarvat Abed - Director, Aarong

  • Mr. Maron Chand Paul, Teacher, Master Craftsman University of Dhaka, Institute of Fine Arts

  • Mrs. Munira Emdad, Tangail Sharee Kutir

  • Prof. Mahmudul Haque, Director General, Bangladesh National Museum

  • Prof. Mohammad Sirjuddini, Secretary (Retired) Government of Bangladesh

  • Dr. Zulekha Haq

  • Dr. Hameed Hassin

  • Mrs. Malika Khan

  • Mr. Md. Shafique-ul-Islam, Director, Bangladesh Folk Art and Craft Foundation, Sonargoan

  • And the NGO's and Museums that responded with information on their activities.

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