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Remarkable Expressions In our World's History 1775 - 2008
  • Speeches and Contextual Reading
  • Produced and Edited by Vandana Chak
  • Containing thirteen expressions by women and men who have through their life choices, passions, and actions shaped human actions beyond their century. Their influence on social, cultural and political thought arises from their ability to understand the human dimension in critical issues. Each speech is famed for its power of verbal communication. They are persuasive, motivational and inspirational.

    The works that are not of recent record are compiled from various sources and contain abstracts from historical records Contextual notes and readings will give the reader moments of delight in discovering each personality a little further.

    The entire compilation would make for a critical learning tool for educators of law, history and culture.

Price : Rupees (INR) 150
            US$ 2.99

Tribal Crafts, Arts and Textiles of India
  • India has over 460 scheduled tribes. These tribal communities are distinguished by their language and dialects, by their dress, headgear, ornaments and tattoos, by their rich oral traditions, music, dance and culture. The communities have skilled story tellers and craftsperson’s proficient in metallurgy, carving, pottery, painting, basketry and other crafts.
  • Available on this CD is information on the crafts, textiles, and arts of tribal India and information on museums that host tribal collections.

Price : Rupees (INR) 750
            US$ 18.99

India's Artisans A Status Report
Author: SRUTI (Society for Rural, Urban and Tribal Initiative)
  • Historical evolution and current status of artisans of –
    • Handloom textile weaving
    • Leather
    • Metal
    • Wood
    • Cane & Bamboo
    • Jewelers
    • Tailors
    • Potters
(Hard Bound)

Price : Rupees (INR) 750
            US$ 18.99

Designers Meet Artisans - A Practical Guide
  • Design intervention case studies from India and Colombia
  • Best practices
  • Guidelines for interaction between Designers and Artisans

Price : Rupees (INR) 750
            US$ 18.99

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NOW available addresses of over 60,000 weavers & craftspeople working in more than 1000 crafts categories across India

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