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Woman Reading
  • Limited edition of a woman reading. In brass, each piece individually cast.
  • Made using the oldest metal casting technique known to mankind – the Dhokra process uses the lost-wax process of casting. The object first shaped in clay is covered with wax and then molded over. During the process of heat casting the wax is ‘lost’. Each object is a unique expression of the craftsperson’s skill.
  • Size: 9.5 X 7 cms

Price : Rupees (INR) 750
            US$ 18.99

  • Go back to the past with an old fashioned bicycle with a basket for groceries in the front and a pillion seat at the back. Handcrafted by knotting, twisting, twirling and curling wire.
  • Size : 25X7.5X18cm

Price : Rupees (INR) 1200
            US$ 26.99

Motor Bike
  • Ride away on a vintage motor bike made entirely of artfully twisted and turned wire. A perfect gift for someone who has everything.
  • Size : 31X11X23cm

Price : Rupees (INR) 1200
            US$ 26.99

  • Take a ride on a cycle drawn rickshaw. Wander down memory lane to a time long past. Artfully crafted with turned, twisted, knotted wire.
  • Size : 31X16X18cm

Price : Rupees (INR) 1200
            US$ 26.99

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