Case Studies are hard to replicate. As one cannot recreate communities, environments, situations so one cannot possibly expect to replicate the outcomes of projects. The importance of a case study is not to provide a blue print for future initiatives but rather to pass on learning obtained through another's experiences which might be applied to new situations.

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The case studies reproduced here are with the permission of the author(s) and represent their personal views.

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Aid to Artisans
An Artisan Association is Born: Aid to Artisans in Central Asia - 1994 - 1999
August, 2007
Balasubramaniam, A.
Design Development in Nagaland
June, 2007
Bharti, Rashmi
Avani - A Case Study
July, 2007
Bhatt, Jatin
Business Advantage Through Design - NIFT, New Delhi
June, 2007
Council, Delhi Crafts
Chamba Rumal
June, 2007
Frater, Judy
Kala Raksha Vidyalaya: An Institute of Design for Traditional Artisans
June, 2007
Gulati, Mahesh
Geographical Indicator Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh
June, 2007
Mural Painting at Raghurajpur
June, 2007
Handicraft Articles Made with Cane
June, 2007
Project Filigree
June, 2007
The Trinidad Project, 2005-2006
June, 2007
Working with Cane Fibre in Cordoba, Colombia 2003-2004
June, 2007
Kasturi, Poonam Bir
Daily Dump: Poonam Bir Kasturi's range of handcrafted products for home composting
June, 2007
McComb, Jessie F.
An Outsiders Perspective on the Inside Deal - Seva Mandir, Udaipur, Rajasthan and India
June, 2007
Mehra, Priya Ravish
Weaving Behind Bars: Tapestry at Tihar Jail
June, 2007
Paswan, Raju
Raju Paswan Shares his Experience with the Jogi Nath Snake Charmers
August, 2007
Patel, Usha Nehru
A Directional Study Towards Empowerment Finding a New Horizon
April, 2010
Prajapati, Uma
Ethical Fashion Show, Paris (9-12 September)
October, 2009
Small Steps An alternative to the plastic shopping bag
May, 2009
Ratnakar, Pooja
My Tryst with a Village in Orissa
June, 2007
Samiti, Dastakari Haat
Aruvacode: Livelihood Intervention
June, 2007
Weaving Peace in Bongaigaon, Assam
June, 2007
Wood, Sharmila
Dastkar Ranthambore: A Case Study
April, 2010
Examining the Aboriginal Art Centre Model: A Case Study
November, 2010

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Accessing Markets
An enormous challenge faced by organizations and artisans is the challenge of accessing markets.
Varanasi Weavers
A focus on the plight faced by weavers in Varanasi.

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- the problem,
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- the current status.
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