Janapada Loka - Lokamahal Museum


53km Ramanagram
Bangalore Mysore Road
Tel: 91-80-3362768, 91-8117-71555


Timings:8.00am to 5.00pm Closed:Tuesdays and Public holidays

A private museum set up for the preservation of folklore and folk art forms - the 5000 artefacts are drawn from the life and arts of the large number of tribals and folk people throughout Karnataka. The collection includes models of mythical animals, costumes, Soma masks, weapons, life size figures, antique articles of worship, earthenware units, articles of everyday use such as mouse and pig traps, utensils, wooden kitchen artefacts and traditional musical instruments. Textiles Section includes: Silk Handloom, Koduva-Traditional dress, Dasaiah Traditional dress, Kinnari Jogi Traditional dress, Doddata Costumes, Yakshagana Costumes, Lambani Costumes Crafts: Decorated Baskets, Basinga-Head Dress of Bride & Brideroom, Wooden lamp stand, Wooden Kitchen ware, idols of chelur, Dasara Dolls, Leather puppets, String puppets, Terracota, Folk Musical Instruments, Play Things, Clay bells, Small vessels. Correspondence may be addressed to: The Chairman Karnataka Janapada Parishath No 7

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