Bangladesh Hosto Shilpo Ekota Sheba Songshta


G.P.O. Box 59
Khulna 9000
Tel: +880 41 774550
Fax: +880 41 763253

BaSE (Bangladesh Hosto Shilpo Ekota Sheba Songshta) was officially founded in 1992 although it had previously been trading under a different name through one of its producer groups (Bharbarpara Pat Kutir Shilpo).

BaSE was founded with the aim of co-ordinating handicraft activities in the Khulna area in South- West Bangladesh, and providing opportunities for otherwise marginalised groups. BaSE works towards providing a continuity of orders for the groups so they have a steady source of income, minimising export expenses it tries to achieve transparency in both pricing and placing orders. It assists producers to be responsible in export by establishing links directly between them and the buyers. BaSE holds regular meetings for all producer groups empowering them to do their own pricing and evaluation of products, as well as quality control and packing. BaSE maintains contact with buyers for market trends and product development. BaSE is presently working with 13 different producer organisations, covering a total of about 6500 producers.

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