Humanitarian Agency for Development Services (HADS)


Sirajuddoulah Road
Thakurgaon 5100
Tel: +880-561-53513, 52553
Fax: +880-2-8113014

Working Area: Districts-3 nos., Upazillas-9 nos., Unions-44 nos., Villages-153 nos.

Humanitarian Agency for Development Services (HADS) is a national NGO operating with the Comprehensive Rural Development Program (CRDP) since 1987. The development strategy of HADS is developing self-reliant village organizations of the struggling poor.

Gender and Development (GAD), the gradually changed concept for the development of women with men in balance, is an important issue in the modern development strategy. This issue is dealt differently by different institutions in different community. But the objective remains same i.e. equal opportunity for men and women. HADs gives emphasis in strengthening male-female role to develop reciprocal relation for welfare and happiness in families.

BONABIK (Bonoful Naree Bikash Kendra) is a special Project for the Women's Handicraft Development Program of the organization. BONABIK activities are limited within Thakurgaon district at present. It has two production branches in villages and a show-room cum sale centre in town.

Liaison Office:
308, Humayun Road, Block B
Mohammadpur 1207
Tel: +880-02-8113758

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