Karika - Bangladesh Hastashilpa Samabaya Federation Ltd


27, Paribag Super Market (1st Floor)
Dhaka 10000
Tel: +880 2 863 14 59 (O) / +880 2 955 37 46 (R)
Fax: +880-2-8113014

KARIKA, the first artisanís cooperative organization in Bangladesh, was set up in November 1974 by a few women volunteers. In March 2001 it celebrated the silver jubilee of its inception. The founders had two main objectives in mind, first, to uphold the national pride in culture and folk traditions of ancient Bengal, and second, to raise the status of the crafts people.

At KARIKA the crafts producer members are shareholders and participate in the management. The members of KARIKA are mostly women comprising two-thirds of the total producers.

Handicraft Products Range
Jute products; Wood, Wrought Iron, Brass and Silver Products; Bamboo, Cane, and Grass Products; Leather Products; Terracotta and Pottery; Hand Woven Textiles and Garments; Candle and Wax Products; Nakshi Kantha and Embroidery Products; Batik, Block, and Tie-dye Products; Pearl Products; Horn Shell Products.

Owned and Managed by Artisans Co-Operative.
Member: World Crafts Council, National Crafts Council, Bangla Crafts & Ecota Forum.

Karika shop:
27, Paribagh Super Market
1st Floor, Opposite Dhaka Sheraton Hotel
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Tel: +880-2-8631459
Telex: 642940

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