Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan (KMVS)


11, Nutan Colony
Near Hospital Road
Bhuj 370 001
Distt: Kutch, Gujarat
Tel: 91-2832-309247
Fax: 91-2832-41914
kmvs@india.com / crc@kutchabhiyan.net

Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan is an organisation of rural women from the arid border villages of Kutch district, Gujarat. KMVS has 4000 members out of which 1200 are traditional craftswomen, organised and operating as producer groups. Together they design, innovate, produce and market - as entrepreneur-artisans, not lowly paid piece rate workers. They function as self managed production units, accessing cred, raw materials and direct buyers. Together they strive to attain some control over their lives.

Their aims are:
1. To form rural women's organisations in Kutch, with emphasis on social, political, exploitation and inequality issues, so that they can become self-reliant
2. To take up much activities that help develop skills through which they develop society

Working Languages : Gujarati, English. Craft: Embroidered garments, table sets.

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