Badlao Foundation


At & P.O. Mihijam
815 354
Distt: Jamtara, Jharkhand
Tel: 91-6433-28592, 91-341-527556
Fax: 91-341-526296

Badlao Foundation is a registered Charitable Trust, located in Mihijam (near Chittaranjan Railway Station), it has been working in Santhal Parganas (Jharkhand) since 1982.

Badlao Foundation works in 4 districts, Deoghar, Dumka, Jamtara and Godda comprising of 381 villages. The villages are divided into clusters and cluster-based strategy to provide need-based support is adopted for efficient utilization of time and energy in the area. Plans are formulated at micro level and the approach is bottom-up. Since the areas are distinct from each other, the activities initiated in each area are also different, depending upon the needs of the area.

Income Generation, Khadi and Village Industries
In order to promote non-farm activities and ensure a fair amount of employment and income especially for women, income generation activities have been initiated. Self-Help Groups have been formed and strengthened through which the community especially the women, have taken up allied activities like rearing and breeding of fish, poultry and pigs as well as cultivation of vegetables and fruits on land available. Besides Khadi and Village Industry have also been promoted for marketing and ensuring fair price.

Tasar spinning, weaving, marketing, sal leaf plate, bamboo crafts and steel furniture.

Geographical Coverage: Santal Parganas region of Jharkhand

Working Languages : Hindi, English

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