Anwesha Tribal Arts & Crafts


N2-175, IRC Village
Bhubneshwar 751 015
Distt: Khurdha, Odisha
Tel: 91-674-2557057
Fax: 91-674-2553637

Anwesha Tribal Arts and Crafts works in Orissa, with special concentration in Tribal sub-plan areas and KBK districts, to retain and develop the rich cultural heritage of tribal arts through community empowerment and developing sustainable income sources thereby halting the disintegration of the tribal community and their heritage.


  1. Organize Artisan Self-help groups.
  2. Encourage economic activity through a collective mode by creating integrated linkages.
  3. Provide easy access to domestic and overseas market through exhibitions.
  4. Upgrade skills through appropriate design and technological intervention.
  5. Improving quality of production and productivity to increase market share.
  6. Involve all members in marketing process for production, business and income.
  7. Set up cultural home / museum.
Special Schemes
  1. Identification of Tribal Crafts and Art Objects having a linkage with the cultural heritage of Tribal Communities of Orissa.
  2. Systematic and scientific documentation of indigenous Tribal Crafts.
  3. Location of traditional Tribal Craft groups and identification of skilled Tribal Artisans.
  4. Design development in Tribal Crafts and Art Objects.
  5. Skill up gradation of Tribal Craft Persons.
  6. Employment guarantee program for Tribal Women in craft production.
  7. Provision of marketing facilities for the Tribal Artisan.
  8. Entrepreneurship training to the Tribal Craft Persons.
  9. Organization of sales centers in the important cities of the country.
  10. Creation of export market for promotion of Tribal Craft and Art objects.
Languages: Oriya and English.

Supports with Tribal Dhokra, Ornaments, Textiles, Paintings, Combs, Stone Crafts, ARtifacts, Art Objects and Natural Products.

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