Rural Non Farm Development Agency (RUDA)


3rd Floor, B- Block
Yojana Bhawan
Tilak Marg
Jaipur 302 005
Tel: 91-141-384591, 381534, 383514, 383512, 382689
Fax: 91-141-383906

Rural Non Farm Development Agency (RUDA) established in November 1995, by the Government of Rajasthan as an independent agency to promote the rural non-farm sector (RNFS) in the state. RUDA follows a sub-sectoral, integrated and cluster based approach for promoting rural micro enterprises as viable avenues of sustainable employment.

Effective use and abundant availability of local resources prompted the initial choice of three sub sectors, viz. Wool, Leather and Minor Minerals. The interventions, based on market demands, aim at filling in the missing links in the value addition chain by:

  • Organizing the artisans
  • Skill Augmentation
  • Technological Development & Dissemination
  • Credit and Market Facilitation
To achieve these objectives, RUDA has collaborated with
  • RNFS promotional NGOs
  • Technical and Research Institutes
  • Design Institutes / Consultants.
  • Private Entrepreneurs including exporters
  • Domestic and International promotional trade agencies
RUDA's pragmatic approach towards micro enterprise development has been recognized by organisations like UNDP, UNFPA, UNIDO, World Bank, KVIC, Department of R.D., etc. who have availed the expertise of RUDA for strategy formulation and implementation.

Export Initiatives
RUDA has tied up with Aid to Artisans (ATA), USA for establishing a sustainable channel of exports for its artisan groups. It is also a member of the Advisory Council of the 'Maker to Market' fund of ATA enabling it to recommend the approval of grants to artisan groups and NGOs etc. for technological or marketing support.

Micro-Credit Facilitation
Implementation of RIP (Rural Industries Programme) in three districts of the State with SIDBI and EDA Rural Systems Pvt. Ltd. to facilitate loans from commercial banks and identification of the felt needs of the artisans.

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