North East Network (NEN)


Borooah Nilaya
J.N. Barooah Lane
Guwhati 781 001
Tel: 91 361 2631582/ 2603833
Fax: 91-361-2631582;

To build a society where there is gender justice, equality and respect for human rights across all sections, where women are involved as decision makers in all development interventions an peace process, and where there is a change in development perspectives in North East India from needs to rights.


  • NEN networks with different major women's groups in the seven states on specific issues and works directly with rural states of Meghalaya, Assam, Nagaland and Manipur. NEN started off as a loose network of NE women's groups and is now facilitating the formation of issue based and more focused networks with our partners.
  • NEN is a member of the South Asian CEDAW Monitoring Network and a core member of the Indian CEDAW network collaborating with all members of both the regional and national network.
  • NEN has collaborated with the International Women's Pacific and is part of IWRAW-Asia Pacific's Asian monitoring network to assess the achievements of the goals of equality in the country.
  • NEN is a member of the Health Watch Network, which monitors the government fulfillment of the ICPD Platform of Action.
  • NEN is building partnerships with UNIFEM and UNAIDS on mainstreaming gender concerns with the issue of HIV/AIDS and vulnerabilities suffered by women in particular.
NEN's ongoing work focus on:
  • Reproductive health and rights.
  • Human rights, peace and conflict resolution
  • Enhancement of economies of local communities through promotion of comprehensive women managed enterprise development
  • Training inputs on micro-enterprise, crafts promotion, credit facilities, agro-based activities and veterinary care.
  • Identification of markets and extension of home based production to larger markets at competitive prices and quality.
  • Skill enhancement and strengthening knowledge bases of women.
NEN Resource Center
NEN's Resource Center was established in 1998 to strengthen a knowledge base among women's groups through information sharing, dissemination and facilitating their access to development programmers that state agencies offer. The major thrust of this project is to enable women access State level development delivery mechanisms and influence state agencies to respond to the appropriate needs and issues that are crucial to social and economic development in the region.

NEN brings out a quarterly entitled 'Tbeh Jingshai' which in the Khasi language means 'to kindle a light'. The quarterly attempts to disseminate information on reproductive health, women's rights, VAW, CEDAW and other international documents pertinent to women's rights, primarily in the North East region and also acquaints others with the ongoing NEN activities, concerns and interventions. In addition, NEN also undertakes translation of material and booklets necessary for enhancing understanding of crucial issues relevant to NEN's ongoing work.

Other Offices:-
267-A, Gulmohar Avenue
Gulmohar Avenue
New Delhi - 110 025.

Beam's end Cottage
Springside, Jingkeing, Nongthymmai

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