Development Agency For Social Improvement (DASI)


Baruni Road
Mayurbhanj 757 001
Tel: 91-6792-53555
Fax: 91-6792-53085;

Dasi is a multidisciplinary group of women working in the field of development. They have come together from different fields including education, health, social work etc and are dedicated to the cause of the overall improvement of society and nature. Their special interest is in the area of tribes and their development. Started on 29th June 1992 Dasi works mainly in Mayurbhanj, Orissa where 85% of the population is tribal. These tribal people are residents of the world famous Similipal forest range.

Existing Being shoulder to shoulder with the tribal community "dasi" understands their problems. No ideology, no philosophy, no policy, no emotional words, no threat, no punishment could help the Similipal forest to survive unless the guardians, these tribal people get respect and help to earn their livelihood and learn sustainable development.

"Dasi" undertook to help them by providing training in handicraft with the naturally available materials like Jute, Sabai grass and Bamboo.

Intricately plaited Sabai grass and Jute string handicrafts are accepted the world over. Terracotta, dead wood and stone-carved statues are also crafted. Original designs in metal are also crafted. With no profit - "dasi" endeavors to bring biodegradable, eco-friendly useful utility handicraft goods made by the tribal people to the use and knowledge of the world.

"Dasi" has a training cum production center located at Madhuban, Baripada, Mayurbhanj, Orissa that is run by tribal people. Some of their activities are:

  • R & D on handicrafts especially on Jute, Bamboo, Sabai, Cane, Brass, Coconut shell, Golden grass, handmade paper and Palm leaf.
  • Training cum production of above materials and subject (Handicraft)
  • New Design of furniture and utility goods from NFP, Product development.
  • Encouraging Crafts person.
  • Skill up gradation
  • Marketing support on handicraft
  • Preparation of audio-visual documents on Handicraft.
  • Welfare & Health Activities and Group Insurance of Craft persons.

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