Society for Rural Development


Village: Chuliyani
Mussoorie 248 179
Tel: 91-135-2633136
Fax: 91-135-2632089

The organization covers twelve villages involved in self help principles. We neither take loans from Government or any other institute in India or abroad.

We are basically living in the upper region of Himalaya between heights of 8500 ft to 10500 ft. Most of the village families keep goats and sheep. Our women thus keep, rear, shear, clean, spin and weave Pashmina and sheep wool. This is done involving most of the family members. The women thus do not have to go outside the village and family to earn their economic independence. So without disturbing the family pattern we have worked mostly to improve their skills by introducing old weaves, new methods of rearing their animals and encouraged them to make shawls, scarves, fabric, all made out of their own animal wool.

We don't have any retail outlets or shops and as such are basically dependent on state melas, exhibitions etc. The money from these sales goes directly to these women depending on the wool they produced, processed and the number of value additions they made to the final product. There is quality control at every stage so that finished products reaching the consumer are of first rate quality.

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