Oju Welfare Association


Near Naharlagun Police Station
Neharlagun 791 110
Arunachal Pradesh
Tel: 91-360-244453, 246250
Fax: 91-360-247350

Oju Welfare Association was established in 1979. It is a non-profit making, non-political, non-governmental philanthropic organization based in Nagalagun, Arunachal Pradesh. It works for the empowerment of women and the welfare of children to achieve a holistic socio-economic and environmental development of communities in Arunachal Pradesh.

Achievement of Oju Welfare Association

  • Short stay home for 30 destitute women.
  • Financial aid to 80 students<
  • Maintenance of 200 destitute children
  • Educational complex
  • Orphanage (Shishu Greh) giving shelter to 22 children
  • Ashram school for 150 primary students
  • Hostel for 100 students
  • Mobile dispensary
  • Two hospitals/dispensaries with 10 beds each
  • School up to secondary level with 425 students enrolled
  • Computer education for school students
  • Working women's hostel
  • Vocational training for 30 women
  • Loan to six deserving women to buy auto rickshaws as a means of income generation
  • Exhibition of craft products
  • Setting up of employment cum income generating units benefiting 50 women
  • Training on weaving
  • Two Crèches
  • Condensed course for primary education
  • Family counseling center
How do Oju operate?
  • Campaigning on development related issues.
  • Awareness generation through training, workshops, seminars and advocacy.
  • Vocational training and production support
  • Rehabilitation services to orphans and destitute women, irrespective of religion, cast, creed and community stands.
  • Host proactive-innovative ideas for socio-economic and environmental development
  • Institutional and financial support for educational development.
Future plans are:-
  • To establish a pre-school training center for orphan children in far flung areas of the state
  • Vocational and rehabilitation training center for destitute women in other districts of the state.
  • Outreach extension program to preserve the traditional customs and culture of the tribal people in the state.
  • Community awareness about health and hygiene in far flung areas of the state through a mobile van.
  • Seminar and orientation programs for manpower development and education of the society.

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