Crafts Council of Andhra Pradesh


7-1-50C- C2, Pleasant Apts.
Opp. Sister Neivedita School
Hyderabad 500 016
Andhra Pradesh
Tel: 91-40-23733462
Fax: 91-40-23320900;

Crafts Council of Andhra Pradesh is a member of the Crafts Council of India, which in turn is affiliated to the World Crafts Council located in Amsterdam. The doyen of handicrafts, late Mrs. Kamala Devi Chattopadhyay, brought into being the CCI in 1965 with the idea of improving the lot of craftsmen.

The exquisite quality of our crafts through the length and breadth of this vast and beautiful country has been kept alive by thousands of rural craftsmen at the cost of many sacrifices. Crafts Council of Andhra Pradesh is a people to people programmed. In 1987 when CCAP was born out of necessity - the need for awareness among the educated urban class about the wealth of our heritage, especially those pertaining to our own state of Andhra Pradesh. This voluntary, non-profit organization has 150 members, working to fulfill its aims and objectives for the upliftment of crafts and craftsperson's.

Most of CCAP's projects have been partially or completed financed by the Govt. of India's funding programmers. CCAP acts as a catalyst; it cannot, however, create assets out of these funds. Moreover, not always is the organization lucky enough to get Govt. grants.

CCAP strives hard continuously to promote the handicraft artisans products through various Exhibitions where crafts person exhibit and sell their products.

Praveenya - To honor award winner of our state.
Jyothirgamaya - An enlightening exhibition of lamps of South India.
Chitra Deep - A colorful kaleidoscope of paintings.
Tarakashi - Delicate Silver Filigree work.
Ananya - Rare Textiles
Aakruthi - A range of products developed by CCAP through the year
Aakruthi Vastra - Annual collection of Master Weaver and designers
Sanmaan - To honor craftsmen who have not been recognized.

Work, with the Banjara Needle group is an ongoing project. This was started in 1989 with 15 trainees and now 60 ladies are being benefited in this scheme. It was a proud moment for CCAP when we bagged the 2nd prize in the UNESCO Embroidery Competition held in Hyderabad January 2001.

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