Asha Handicrafts - An Association Assisting Artisans


Asha Handicrafts Association
28 Suner Rd, Andheri East
Mumbai 400 093
Tel: 91-22-2684 5404, 2684 8414, 26831603
Fax: 91-22-2684 8378

Founded in 1975 by a group of professional men and women concerned about social justice and welfare of the Indian artisans. Asha Handicrafts Association was formed with the objective of preserving crafts of India and developing markets for the artisans through fairly traded crafts abroad.

It is a single organization having two distinct divisions. One is engaged in Trading and other is our Resource Centre that oversees welfare programs, training activities as well as crafts promotion and producer development.

By purchasing directly from artisan groups and offering advance payments on orders, Asha increase the income levels of producer groups and prevents the accumulation of long-term debts.

We partner with our artisans in giving marketing, design, and business support as well as teaching and implementing Fair Trade principles and practices. Asha gives artisans an opportunity to improve their living standards, and continue with their livelihoods - the tradition of Indian Crafts. Furthermore through our trained welfare professionals, Asha supports the community.

Today we work with over 50 Producer groups from across India, and export to 40 international Clients such as Oxfam, Serrv and Ten Thousand Villages.

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