The Blue House


Thanon Sisavangvong
Ban Xieng Muan
Muang Luang Prabang
Khoueng Luang Prabang
Tel:856 (0) 71 252383
Fax: 856 (0) 71 252383


8am-8pm Mon-Sat, closed Sun

The Blue House is the Luang Prabang subsidiary of the Design Centre Vientiane. Its task is the promotion of handicrafts and small enterprises in the eight northern provinces of Laos. It was opened to the public in June 2001.

The Blue House sells selected Lao handicraft products, organizes regular special exhibitions and serves members of the Lao Handicraft Association as centre for meetings and training activities. It also organises the annual Lao Northern Handicraft Exhibition:

Lao Northern Handicraft Exhibition
Street address: The Blue House, Thanon Sisavangvong, Ban Xieng Muan, Muang Luang Prabang, Khoueng Luang Prabang, Laos
Telephone: 856 (0) 71 252383, Fax: 856 (0) 71 252383

Dates and duration: Annual, November, two weeks

This is an important annual showcase for traditional handicrafts and focuses on silk and cotton textiles.

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