Bibile-Wellassapura Small Industry Product Association


No. 1 Sri Rewatha Mawatha
Tel: 0094-055-65412
Fax: 0094-055-65436

This organisation is located in the district of Moneragala which is the second largest district in Sri Lanka. Since this is a drought-prone region, a programme has been organised in this region by the organisation with the following objectives.

  • Develop local crafts

  • Improvement in the income of the people

  • Community development

  • To decrease levels of unemployment

  • Promote local talents and skills

With all these goals in mind, a Small Industries Programme has the revival and development of local handicrafts as a top priority. The local handicrafts are wood-carving, leather-work, cane-products, brassware and clayware. Bibile-Wellassapura Small Industry Product Association has been conducting free vocational-training and skill-training classes in this area. A special scheme started for the artisans is the bonsai project. The organisation also brings out the Sumaka magazine. The organisation has participated in all island handicrafts exhibitions held since 1998. The key contact person in the organisation is Mr. Munirathna Attanayake who is the founder. There are 10 members of staff employed on a permanent basis and 8 are on temporary rolls. Sister/ Parent Organisation
Siyambalanduwa Development Project
Sri Vijitharamaya
Sri Lanka.

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