Saviya Development Foundation


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Saviya Development Foundation (SDF) is a non-governmental organisation started in the year 1991 in Galle which is situated on the south-western coast of Sri Lanka. The mission of the foundation is to resuscitate social values and moral standards that are fast disappearing from the Sri Lankan society and to promote healthy development in the economic, social, cultural and ecological fields.

Some of the programmes run by the SDF are -

  1. Small Groups Programmes for low income families to uplift their socio-economical status, Rehabilitation projects along with Vocational Training for the members of such families.

  2. Gender Participatory Environment Conservation programmes along with Organic Farming as interventions to uplift the socio-economic lot of the programme beneficiaries.

  3. Programmes to safeguard women's rights along with advocacy and counselling programmes.

In a nutshell the listing of the programmes run by SDF for various categories are as follows

    Programmes relevant to the disabled:

  • Rehabilitation

  • Mobilization

  • Vocational Training

  • Income Generating Programmes

  • Special Education

  • Rehabilitation at domestic level

    Programmes for Children and Women's Development

  • Secure Women's rights

  • Law Clinic for Women

  • Counselling

  • Self-Employment Programme for Women

  • Rehabilitation of disabled women

    Programmes for Poverty Alleviation

  • Small Group Micro-Credit Programme for Low Income families

  • Programme to combat drugs, alcohol and tobacco

Some of the special schemes for artisans at SDF are Savings and Credit programme, Vocational training in chosen craft-area and assistance in obtaining raw material for practising the craft. Geographically SDF operates in the entire Southern Province region of Sri Lanka.

SDF is a regular participant in the Bi-annual provincial exhibition on traditional arts and crafts. SDF has other branch offices in Matara, Ampara, Badulla, Beruwala and Ahungalla. Some of the publications brought out by SDF are Maduganga Wetlands (book), Kottawa Tropical Rainforest Management (book), Drug Abuse (brochure), HIV/AIDS (document) and Women's Development Programme (document).

Some of the special features of SDF are Poverty Alleviation through Community Participatory projects in micro-entreprenuership programmes along with elevation and safeguard of women's and children's rights for a secure existence. The key person to be contacted at Saviya Development Foundation is Mr. G.K.W. De Silva. The number of permanent staff on the rolls are 18 and the number of temporary staff are 107.

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