Siyath Foundation


No 9 Apartment 3
Rajakeeya Mawatha
Colombo 7
Tel: 0094-1-691433, 667176
Fax: 0094-1-691433, 500544;

Siyath Foundation is located in Colombo and was founded in the year 1984. The key function of the organisation is

organising home-based craft workers into production-groups. Some of the inputs given to the artisans are related to new design development and production and the organisation also holds craft exhibitions to help the artisans sell their products. Buyer-seller meetings are also organised on behalf of the craft practitioners. The geographical coverage of the organisation's activities are in the Southern province. The organisation has participated in exhibitions like Domotex (2001) and a carpet exhibition in Germany. The organisation has brought out a product catalogue of the products that are marketed by it. The key personnel of Siyath Foundation are Ms. Kala Peiris and Ms. Indika De Costa. The permanent staff of the organisation are 7 and the temporary staff are 14.

Vision of Siyath Foundation
Support for the holistic development of disadvantaged groups through self-activated empowerment which would enhance their capacities for withstanding and overcoming external pressure that impact diversely on their sustained all round growth.

Mission Statement
To move towards this vision Siyath aims to
Identify specific groups with common concerns and help them through a participatory mode to

  • Analyse their problems in relation to all aspects such as economic, personal, social and legal issues

  • Design solutions through dialogue and consensus

  • Practically explore the viability of these solutions through participatory implementations

  • Collectively reflect on the results and revise modes of operations accordingly

  • Enjoy the benefits derived by themselves individually and collectively

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